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TLR 22SCT Build – Additional Chassis Parts

The Build – Part 8
Part 8 is a short step; we’re basically bolting on the miscellaneous chassis bits prior to final assembly. Pretty easy.

Build Notes:

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 101
Start off by sliding the body posts down into the front body mount and pin them in place with the 12mm screw. Slide the swivel mounts over the posts and secure with the body clips. You can follow the manual for the initial step, but some adjustment may be required after installing the body. Attach to the front tower, making sure the ‘V’ shape in the mount is facing the front of the truck.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 102
Push a M3 locknut into the side bumper as shown. Make sure they seat all the way down and are straight; if not, you could cross-thread them.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 103
Flip the side bumpers over and attach to the chassis. Do not overtighten, just snug down.

TLR 22SCT Build - Step 104
Attach the battery tray. Multiple mounting positions are included depending on what battery you are running (long or short).

Part 9 – Installing the electronics.

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